maandag 6 december 2010

Einduitslag Classic Cup Drachten

1e Classic Cup race 2010/2011 season, SRC De Bunker With 22 participants a great succes

Results Modified:
1-Sebastiaan van Altena
2-Jan Groosmuller
3-Willem de Groote

Results Standaard:
1-Leo Hindriks
2-Harold Wiggers
3-Henk Smienk

Results Touring:
1-Rob van Altena
2-Frank Goyaerts
3-Roland Sijtsma

Overal results:
1-Sebastiaan van Altena 156,01 laps
2-Leo Hindriks 150,87 laps
3-Rob van Altena 144,63 laps

The next race will be held at the Slipstream Racetrack on 27th February 2011.